Rescue Society

The Beasley Rescue Society is a fundraising vehicle for training and equipment, which allows the fire department to respond to slope evacuation (40 to 60 degrees), high angle rescue (60 to 90 degrees), and industrial rescue, as well as water, swiftwater and ice rescue.

We have a core of well-trained individuals specializing in many fields who are dedicated to helping to train newer members. In addition, our training is often attended by regional and municipal firefighters and members of other emergency services.

A little history: After several incidents in the area demonstrated a need for proper training in the areas of rope and swiftwater rescues (see our "Rescues" section), the Beasley Rescue Society was formed in the spring of 1997 by then Beasley Fire Chief Tom Brach and then Captain (now Chief) Al Craft. The formation of a society was necessary to enable fundraising to support this specialized rescue service, because the mandate for the RDCK fire departments such as Beasley is mainly to provide fire protection to area residents.

The objectives of the society are:

(a) to enable specialized rescue assistance to RDCK fire departments, the RCMP, the BC Ambulance Service, Emergency Management BC (PEP), local industry or the general public anywhere in the region and beyond if requested by the organization having jurisdiction over the incident site; and

(b) to promote education in the field of rescue for the society's members and invited guests.

We are often called upon by Search and Rescue groups in the West Kootenays to assist with trained manpower and rescue gear.  Our members supply some of their own personal equipment, but the bulk of it is owned and maintained by the society. In addition to PFDs, drysuits, wetsuits, helmets, harnesses, ropes etc, the society has enabled the purchase of our 2006 Dodge diesel rescue truck. In addition, the society purchased a command / rehab trailer, an Oceanaid inflatable water/ice/snow rescue platform, an Aire Jagarundi cataraft, and two Sea-Doos with rescue boards.