Engine 1

Beasley Engine 1 is a 1991 International 4x4 built by Fort Garry. It carries 700 gallons of water and a large share of our emergency equipment, breathing apparatus etc. It doesn't carry a high volume but is designed to respond quickly and get water on a fire while the tenders set up a "pond" to supply the engine. The pump on Engine 1 is powerful and can maintain high pressure through several hoses simultaneously.


Tender 2

Beasley Tender 2 is a Fort Garry 2006 International 4x4.  It carries 1500 gallons of water and has a foam-pro system and a 180 degree swing dump chute mounted on the rear. The tender acts as a water shuttle between a known water source and the fire. When it arrives on site, it drops a porta-pond and fills it with its entire load of water, then leaves for another load while Engine 1 draws water from the pond. The tender has its own built-in 1050 gpm pump which is typically used for "drafting" water out of rivers or the lake to fill itself. It can also be used for direct pumping like the engine if need be.

Even in areas with hydrants, we sometimes deploy porta-ponds as primary water sources. Although we will use hydrants to fill the ponds and to supply the engine, we have to be prepared to change water supplies if we exhaust a rural water system.  The tenders used to be called "tankers" but they are now referred to as "tenders" to avoid confusion during forest fires, because the air support aircraft that drop fire retardant are known as "tankers."


Wildland 3

Beasley Wildland 3 was, in its former life, a West Kootenay Power service truck from the Okanagan. Members of our department retrofitted and equipped it for emergency response and it was our rescue truck for a few years until 2006, when it was refitted with a new deck with a water tank and a pump.


Rescue 4

Beasley Rescue 4, a 2009 Dodge 3500 4x4 one ton, is our rescue truck and used as an intitial response vehicle.  Rescue 4 carries the bulk of our first aid gear and responds to our medical First Responder calls.  It is also a general purpose vehicle which can be deployed quickly and easily for a multitude of tasks.  It is pre-rigged for slope rescues, using a capstan hoist. 


Rescue 5

Rescue 5 is a 2006 Dodge Cummings diesel quad cab 4x4 was purchsed by the Beasley Rescue Society with funds from the BC Gaming Commission. It tows the command trailer or the boats and can be deployed upon request to any location within the region. It carries rope rescue and water rescue gear and first responder medical equipment, and can also be used as an emergency transport vehicle for injured personnel if needed.


Rescue 7

Rescue 7 is our command trailer, a 20' x 8.5' cargo trailer that serves as a mobile incident command post, a first aid station and a place to store equipment for rope and swiftwater rescue operations.  It has a galley and a full communications centre.  It is available to other emergency response groups as needed.


Squad 8

Squad 8 is a 2000 Chevy Suburban 4x4.  It is used as a people hauler and can also tow the boats. 


Marine 9

Marine 9 is our back-up rescue boat, a 13' Avon inflatable with a 25 HP outboard motor.


Marine 10 & 11

Marine 10 and Marine 11 are our personal watercraft (Sea-Doos).  They carry a drop camera and a rescue board, and have proven very useful in water and shoreline searches.  They are modified for nighttime use, with navigation lights, flood lights, blue strobes and night vision goggles.


We also have an Aire Jagarundi cataraft which is highly stable and maneuverable in white water river conditions, and an Oceanid Rapid Deployment Craft which is efficient and very useful for water, snow and ice rescues.