Fire Department

The Beasley Fire Department is located 13 kilometres west of Nelson, BC, mid way between the Taghum Bridge and the Village of South Slocan, which are the approximate boundaries of coverage for our protection area (Area F of the Regional District of Central Kootenay, near Nelson, BC).  There are three hydro electric dams within our response area.


The hall is a three-bay structure with teaching, meeting, office and recreational facilities, and there is a second three-bay storage hall on the premises as well.  No firefighters remain at the hall; they are dispatched by pager from 911 Fire Dispatch (in Trail) to provide the following services:


Fire Protection: We provide fire protection and suppression for both structural areas (class 'A') and accessible wildland areas (class 'B'). Fire protection in class 'A' areas is funded through regional taxation, whereas protection in class 'B' areas is under contract to the British Columbia Ministry of Forests on an emergency basis.


Fire Investigation: Our Assistant Chief is also our Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner (LAFC); she assists the BC Fire Commissioner's office with reporting, investigation, inspection, compliance and statistics. The LAFC represents the BC Fire Commissioner in all matters related to the Fire Services Act.


Mutual Aid: The department has agreements in place to provide and receive mutual aid with 18 regional fire departments and the City of Nelson for the purposes of fire protection and suppression, first responder and hazmat operations.


Emergency Medical Care: Many of our members are certified medical First Responders, trained to provide care for medical emergencies and injuries while the ambulance is en route.


Motor Vehicle Incidents: We provide fire suppression, stabilization, medical first response, traffic control, limited extrication, blankets, comfort and whatever else we can do to offer assistance. We do not do extrication / jaws of life; instead, we rely on the Tarrys Fire Department to the west and Nelson Fire Rescue to the east to assist with mutual aid. 


Emergency Rescue: We also provide some specialized rescue services, such as rope rescue and water rescue.  We provide mutual aid assistance in these services to other nearby departments.