Flipped horse trailer blocks highway
July 12, 2014
The Nelson Star - An accident involving a horse trailer kept a section of Highway 3A/6 closed for about two hours on Friday.
Just after 5 p.m., Nelson RCMP were dispatched to a traffic accident just west of the Playmor Junction.

Once on scene it was determined that a truck was towing a horse trailer when the trailer dislodged from the vehicle, broke the safety chains and ended up flipping over blocking the highway.

One of the two horses in the trailer did manage to escape relatively unharmed. The second horse was trapped on its side, pinned by twisted metal. Tarrys Fire rescue attended the scene and performed remarkably well, cutting the metal horse trailer away to unpin the horse.

A member of Beasley Fire Rescue, Monica Spencer, tended to the injured horse until a veterinarian came on scene. With the help of all parties, the horse was pulled to its feet and freed from the wreckage.

A good Samaritan and his family, Brian, Rowan, and Korynn Weber were called and graciously came to the scene with a horse trailer and used their expertise to load the frightened and injured horses to transport them home for the owners.

The two occupants of the truck, a mother and daughter were unharmed, although they were quite shaken up. The highway was closed for approximately an hour and a half while the animals were freed and the trailer which was blocking the road removed.

Nelson RCMP would like to thank Tarrys Fire Rescue for outstanding work in freeing the injured animal from the twisted metal of the trailer, along with Monica Spencer from Beasley Fire Rescue for her diligence in staying with the injured horse, and tending to its injuries.

A special thank you also goes to the Weber Family, who run Koot-Neigh, which is a vaulting program in Nelson, for their expertise and assistance. One last thank you goes to the many, many motorist who exercised great patience while emergency crews dealt with this accident.

After being stuck for almost two hours, motorists were still cheerful and thankful the family and the animals were safely taken home.