Squatters blamed for fire west of Nelson
August 22, 2011
Squatters are believed to be the blame of a small fire that occurred in the early afternoon of Friday, August 19 west of Nelson near the CPR tracks.
The fire was caused as a result of an abandoned campfire near a squatter’s camp.

Members of the Beasley Fire Department, at the time assisting the 2011 West Kootenay B.C. Seniors Games Dragon Boat Races at near Lakeside Park in their rescue boat, ferried forestry firefighters who quickly extinguished the small blaze up river from the Nelson sewage treatment plant.

The Nelson Fire Department said the rocky lakeshore near the CPR tracks made it difficult to fight and the fire could have spread quickly had it not been for the quick response.

The public is asked to report any suspicious activities to police in the forested areas around the city.